About 360 Community Services

Meet the team, learn about our roots, and feel how we provide that 360 degree encompassing support you and your loved one need.

Our Mission:

To provide the highest quality wrap around care, education and support for children and families in the communities that we work and live.

Our Core Values



We strive to assist all people, employees and individuals in our organization to discover and reach their fullest potential.


Encourage people to be stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their lives to achieve their personal definition of success.


Provide a platform for people to belong, a place where they have opportunities to contribute and be a part of a community.  


A company that honors the quality of honesty and strong moral principles, emulating this trait for those we serve, as well as those we employ.

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Treat all people equally, with dignity and respect regardless of Race, Age, Gender, Preference or Disability.

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To always maintain a culture that includes all people, creating means for acceptance, for everyone.



Ensure that our environment remains free from discrimination, people are accepted for who they are, comfortable to grow and gain independence.

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Provide a place where people may openly and freely communicate their thoughts and opinions in a tactful and respectful manner.  Know that it is ok to have a differing viewpoint, but mutually respect one another.