Our Leadership

360 Community Services

Bill Ehegartner

Chief Executive Officer

Email: bill@360communityservices.com
Office: 402-800-3787 x109

Chris O’Brien

Chief Operating Officer

Email: cobrien@360communityservices.com
Office: 402-800-3787 x107

Robyn Hansen

Chief Financial Officer

Email: rhansen@360communityservices.com
Office: 402-800-3787 x108

Alyssa Biskup, MS, BS

Director of Educational Services

Email: abiskup@360communityservices.com
Office: 402-800-3787 x106

Cara Ehegartner, MS, CRC, LIMHP

Director of Behavioral Health Services

Email: cara@360communityservices.com
Office: 402-800-3787 x112

Kelli Wade

Director of Residential Services

Email: kwade@360communityservices.com
Office: 402-800-3787 x105

Chantell Collie

Director of Day Services

Email: ccollie@360communityservices.com
Office: 402-800-3787 x104

Bethany Frauendorfer, BSN, RN

Director of Nursing

Email: bfrauendorfer@360communityservices.com
Office: 402-800-3787 x111

Brett Toay

Director of DD Operations

Email: btoay@360communityservices.com
Office: 402-800-3787 x114