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“The foundation of a strong economy and job creation begins with providing every child in America with the best possible education, including students with disabilities.” ~Jared Polis


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At 360 Community Omaha Educational Services, we help individuals with diverse learning needs fulfill their greatest potential.

We serve students with unique abilities that include:

  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Developmental delays
  • Sensory processing difficulties
  • Emotional regulation problems
  • Behavioral problems
  • Youth that require high levels of supervision
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About our Omaha DD Educational Services

360 Educational Services provides a safe, supportive, engaging educational environment that encourages students to achieve their individualized goals while becoming productive citizens through community activities. Our dedicated staff are committed to using a variety of innovative and creative strategies to engage students while encouraging them to take responsibility for their own learning and behavior. We recognize that every student is different, with individual needs. We are committed to helping every student experience individualized success. We are a program designed for elementary through young adult transition students and we partner with the home school districts, parents, guardians, and community agencies to assist students in reaching their personal, academic, and social goals.

Instruction is focused on building academic skills, as well as, helping students build self-management, life and social skills. We believe learning should be engaging and fun while tailored to individual needs. The 360 staff are trained to provide a strong emphasis on leadership, self-advocacy, and life skills through a positive behavioral supports model specific to students in the 360 Educational Services program.

Academic Curriculum 

360 Educational Services provides a blended learning experience for students through the use of teacher-led coursework and an accredited online curriculum which is customized to uniquely meet the needs and goals of each student and their course requirements from the public school. Each student is able to work at his or her own pace and meet specific learning objectives.

School Consultations


360 Community Services has the ability to provide public schools with customized consultative observations and training to support struggling youth and their dedicated school team. Utilizing principles of Behavior Modification and also many decades of combined experience in school and psychiatric residential settings, our staff work as part of the public school team, providing support, observations, collaborative discussions, data, and training.

The breadth of the consultation includes 2-3 days of observation while looking at frequency, duration, and intensity of sever behavior. The hope is to provide data and support to school team members working with the student. 360 Community Consultative Service hopes to improve student and teacher performance, show fewer disciplinary referrals, and increased teaching time each day for struggling students.

Special Education Day Service School


By providing support to schools, we are able to collaboratively build the districts’ future capacity to successfully serve challenging students, creating a positive outcome for students, their families, and their school district. For some students our focus is on developing the individualized supports students require while also partnering with the district to provide a comprehensive treatment plan, so that the student may one day return to their home school district.

Day treatment services are provided to students of 360, a K-12 education service approved by the Nebraska Department of Education. We provide education with a therapeutic approach to students through personalized treatment goals, academic supports, with small student to teacher ratio. The 360 Educational Day Program is designed for children and adolescents who have difficulty functioning in mainstream classroom settings due to educational, psychological, or behavioral concerns. Using a positive behavioral support model, staff work to promote healthy interactions between teachers, staff, students, and family members with a goal of a collaborative transition back into the public school classroom.

360 Student Support Center

We contract with local school districts to provide a supportive academic space for students who have received a long-term suspension or have been expelled from school. Every student is unique and we can provide a space that is tiered to that individual students academic and behavioral needs.

Transition Services

360 School Transition Service offers transitional services for adolescents with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are transitioning from school to adulthood, typically between the ages of 17 and 21. Area school districts may contract with 360 to provide instruction under the existing Individual Education Plan.

360 transition services provide a calm, quiet, highly structured environment with 1:1 staffing as we work toward increased self-regulation and greater success. Students in this transition program follow an outlined instructional guideline in their Individual Education Plan. Our goal at 360 is to ensure that each student is confident in handling daily responsibilities. We provide specialized supports to help each person and their circle of support understand their options and build the skills they need to become increasingly independent.

  • Basic Living Skills
  • Home Skills and Community Participation Skills
  • School Skills
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Vocational/Apprenticeship Skills

Collaborative Re-Entry School Program

The purpose of the School Re-Entry Program is to develop, implement and evaluate an effective model of supports to improve the transition process for children and youth as they exit intensive psychiatric settings, specifically inpatient and day hospital settings, and return to the public school environment. The immediate outcome includes improved stabilization during the transition process through the provision of enhanced supports to the student and families, while longer-term outcomes include reduced risk of readmission to psychiatric placements by working with the public school for a smooth and therapeutic re-entry plan.

  • Identify a point-person to support the student in the school building and begin building that relationship
  • Conduct team meetings with a strengths and mental health focus in mind
  • Emphasize that the hospitalization goal is to stabilize, not fix problematic behavior
  • Collect behavioral data which will drive placement within or outside of the district
  • Identify needed daily supports in the classroom for student success
  • Share different tools, modifications, accommodations, and coping strategies that have worked and did not work with the school team.
  • Develop a safety plan
  • Set a clear plan for addressing missed work, credit recovery, and create space for adjustments in classwork upon return
  • Provide regular feedback to the family, caregiver, or guardian on child’s adjustment back to school

While the immediate goals are to prevent and address transition problems, all transitions provide opportunities to promote healthy development, enhance safety, increase positive attitudes among all team members, and readiness skills for schooling. This approach will address systemic and personal barriers to learning and teaching and re-engage disconnected students and families.


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